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Silly Squish Slime

DIY Slime Kit

DIY Slime Kit

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Charm Theme

Ages 4+

Includes everything you need to make perfectly soft and stretchy butter slime in about 30 min! Perfect gift or birthday party activity. Follow along with the step-by-step YouTube instructions lead by our eldest daughter (AKA “Slime Time Lyla!”).  All you need is a clean, non-porous work surface. 

Includes: Scented Elmers Glue, Coloured Soft Clay, Lotion, 8oz jar with lid, sprinkles and charms, magic activator, spoon, bowl for mixing, instructions (written and video). 

Colours/Scents (CHOOSE ONE)

-Blue Slushy

-Green Watermelon 

-Pink Bubblegum 

-Juicy Orange 

-Red Strawberry Shake 

-Brown Root Beer 

-Yellow Lemonade

-Purple Fruit Loops

Charm Theme (CHOOSE ONE) 



-Sweet Treats




-Kitty Cats


Note: Our Slime smells yummy, but DO NOT EAT.   Keep slime away from small children, pets, clothing, dry wall and furniture.  Wash your hands before and after playing.  To avoid drying, store slime in air-tight, sealed container and limit play to 30 min or less at one time. 

⚠️Chocking Hazard. Use of this product by children should be supervised by an adult. Not recommended for children under 3 years. 




Made with PVA glue, air-dry clay, fragrance free lotion and liquid detergent, fragrance.

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8 oz • 237ml

Care Instructions

Wash hands before and after use. Keep stored in air tight container. Limit used to 30 min or less at one time to prevent drying out. Slime consistency may change over time. To soften slime, add lotion or warm water.

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